Bodega on CNN Headline News show “News to Me”

Welcome to those who have come from seeing our url or video on CNN Headline News this weekend. You can check the full version of Bodega here:


You may also went to check the rest of our junk food trilogy: Ghetto Big Mac and Cereal is Dope.

If you already know Bodega but want the rush of seeing it (a shortened version) on TV then tune into CNN’s Headline News network for their “News To Me” show which runs today at 12:30pm and 5:30pm eastern. A shortened version of Bodega closes out the show. Thanks to CNN who were kind enough to clear the usage of our video!

4 Responses to Bodega on CNN Headline News show “News to Me”
  1. Ass Hat

    CNN be that bomb-diggy-bomb you see.
    Nice work, celebrities.

  2. Jay Solis

    Good for CNN. Well done guys…

  3. Lady Chavez and Fluffgirl

    wow, I didn’t know you were so bigtime Rafi but I guess the name of your blog was supposed to be a hint
    -I am impressed that everything was vegetarian except the pork rinds, so not only does Bodega care for the health of the Bronx community but also the animals

  4. slusilsorgarp

    Hello! Depressing klooper notwithstanding my english jer, buti danged nice re say gJ$)Kd!!!.