Enter the Rabbit (I.C. NYC Episode 2)

The Chinese New Years Parade is something everyone should experience at least once – the fireworks, the dragon dancers and of course – the dollar dumplings. It’s the Year of the Rabbit. Happy New Chea!

Directed by Casimir Nozkowski
Shot and Edited by Matt Raz
Music by Bless 1
Produced by Robin Oye, Jesse Wilson, Cornelius van Gorkom

2 Responses to Enter the Rabbit (I.C. NYC Episode 2)
  1. Viktorvaughndoom13

    Definitely anticipating the rest of this serious. Personally I fux with anything the Internets Celebrities are involved in. Pretty sure i've watched any vid involving Dallas or Rafi at this point. Shouts to the people behind the scenes as well making it possible. BTW Dallas you're a fool on Combat Jack's show shit is hillarious. Fetus Leather!!!

  2. DJ Diva

    You guys crack me up…can't wait for the next one LOL