Food Warriors: Broadway Junction

“I heard there’s a lot of few places over here.”

Broadway Junction is a massive union of train lines. The L and the J/Z on distinct separate elevated platforms, while the A and C remain underground – joined by a giant escalator. There’s a police precinct in the train station and the feel of industrial wasteland in the blocks surrounding.

Welcome to East New York, a neighborhood that Brooklyn’s gentrifiers have yet to feel comfortable making eye contact with. This is the Food Warriors latest stop on our A-Train journey. Where there’s life, there’s food – and we’re out to find the best of it. Chea.

Featuring Dallas Penn & Rafi Kam
Directed by Casimir Nozkowski
Shot by Jesse Brown
Edited by Bryan Galatis
Field Producer: Humu Yansane
Music: Bless 1
Re-Recording Engineer: Tod Chapman

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