The Internets Celebrities all have dayjobs.

Dallas works as a construction manager.
Rafi is a programmer for a non-profit.
I make commercials for cable channels.

Dayjobs are how we make money.

We want to make money off of our movies.

Not fuck you money. Not retarded money. Maybe just a little make-it-rain money? No, just enough money to support taking some days off work, to justify spending some night-time hours on an edit and maybe most importantly, actually paying the good people that shoot, score, design and help us craft the IC flicks.

So we’re asking you kind souls who have enjoyed Checkmate or Bodega, Ghetto Big Mac or Cereal is Dope, Rock the Bells or Hip Hop Honors to help fund our next movie.

We’ve even implemented a handy widget on the right side of this site where you can throw us whatever loose digital dollars you’ve got floating around.

Seriously, even 1 dollar would be appreciated. The great thing about our internets is that we’re lucky enough to be able to get our documentary on check-cashing places in front of almost 500,000 people. If even a fraction of that group pitched in a dollar each, we’d be able to make movies our dayjob.

Now, we don’t have tote bags. And we’re working on T-shirts. Sweet Jesus, we’re working on some T-shirts.

But what we can offer you as a small token of our appreciation is a producer credit.

We don’t have a patron at the moment. We don’t have an agent. We don’t have any sponsors yet. So, basically, we’ve got a lot of room in our end credits and we want that space to go to the people who fund our next movie – essentially producing it.

The producer on most projects is the one who either comes up with the money or handles the money’s distribution throughout the set. For a $1 minimum contribution, you will be listed in our next movie’s end credits as one of our producers.

The wheels are turning on the next project and it’s going to be great. We can’t talk about its content yet as we don’t want to be scooped. But if you’re interested in finding out more before committing some cash, email us for a short synopsis on the next opus.

We’re always happy to discuss future projects with our producers.

Thanks very much for any consideration.

5 Responses to Fundtimes
  1. khal

    gave up some money. gotta contribute to the cause.

  2. Gee

    I miss quarter water and honeybun runs…

  3. Nat

    You know, to make some money off the website, you should put up some google ads and links. It may not be much but you could potentially make a lot of money from the traffic that you have on the site. Check it out.

  4. fats

    fiddy it is pimps! now go and make us laugh ; )

    for real gentlemen, theres way more hits than misses there as you guys hone your craft. AND yall give a
    m#$%^&*(r something to think about. what could be better b&*^h like my man son of bazerk said.

    real talk, if you guys ever make it to atlanta, get at me.


  5. Julia

    You know I’m going to donate just cos this guy says to put up ads and I dont see a damn ad anywhere.