Mofongo (I.C. NYC – Episode 4)

It’s the next episode of our six-part web series I.C. NYC!

This time, we head to Corona, Queens to eat Mofongo, investigate Mofongo’s origins and say the word Mofongo many, many times.

Directed by Casimir Nozkowski
Edited by Josh Weisbrot
Original Music by Bless 1
Produced by Robin Oye, Jesse Wilson, Cornelius van Gorkom

3 Responses to Mofongo (I.C. NYC – Episode 4)
  1. BGB

    I've had mofongo in both the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.  In New York, I've had mofongo in both Dominican and Puerto Rican restaurants.  While I have no idea which country invented it, I can say hands down the Puerto Ricans make it best!  Delicious!!!

  2. IC Design

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  3. cbeexvkvez

    Mofongo (I.C. NYC – Episode 4) – Internets Celebrities