Internets, it’s MLK Day – Stop Being Racist!

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, I thought we’d run some of our past attempts to get the Internets to stop being racist. Or chickenist. Or hip-hop separatists.

Only Chickenheadz R Racist

On this solo run, Dallas tried to debunk the notion that fried chicken was just for black people.

Rock the Bells

At Rock the Bells we found a high degree of musical miscegenation going on. Most of the white kids were there to see Wu-Tang. The black kids – okay there were hardly any black kids. But the few we found were there for Rage Against the Machine.

MLK may not have gotten there with us – but seeing Dallas get free hits of that white-boy weed would surely have made him proud. Maybe.

IC Site Evolves with Intelligent Re-Design

I just finished giving an extreme makeover with a customization of the Thesis WordPress Theme (damn straight that’s an affiliate link). Thesis is getting pretty ubiquitous these days but if you’re not already familiar, it’s a premium theme created by uber-web-designer Chris Pearson. This is a homecoming of sorts for us because Pearson also created the free Copyblogger theme that we used when we first launched this site two designs ago.

What I imagine it looks like when i have to create a new website.

I’ve been using Thesis at Oh Word since relaunching last year and I’m still impressed by its flexibility and power. Thesis is my proverbial exosuit cargo-loader in the life-or-death battle with an alien that to me best represents website design.

So I was very excited when DIYThemes – the partnership behind Thesis – joined our Stadium Status Kickstarter drive to sponsor the upcoming video. They’re fans of ours, we’re fans of theirs – you couldn’t ask for a better sponsor situation.

Some of the goodness in this site upgrade won’t even be visible to most viewers — the Thesis admin options are incredible, the blog’s source code is clean and honed for search-engine goodness. But we also stepped up the interface and are providing more ways for you to connect with the IC’s.

Best of all, the site has that new blog smell and that should lead to a lot more blogging.

Lunch at Di Fara

We decided to make our first visit to the famous Di Fara’s for lunch since we were already shooting a video in that Brooklyn neighborhood.

Every pie at Di Fara is made with love by Dom DeMarco and the quality draws a big crowd of pizza tourists even with the long waits and $5 slices. We spent nearly two hours in Di Fara’s, the bulk of that time watching Dom at work on one beautiful looking pie after another.

Finally we got our pie and found out if it was worth the wait.

Music by Bless-1.

Ghetto Big Mac Army

I love when people make their own Ghetto Big Mac videos.

Canadian Ghetto Big Mac

There’s a German version on YouTube as well but for some reason it’s gone private. But it’s good to know that Ghetto Big Macs are a viable option worldwide.

Ninja Napkins
A group of teens redo the ghetto big mac. Unfortunately the audio has been stripped out of the video for copyright violations.

James Zhou version

Eduardo Carillo

Carillo and friends made a pilgrimage to McDonald’s for his 100th video. This may be the most excessive, grotesque (and wonderful?) of all the Ghetto Big Mac tribute videos. The boys get sloppy while eating, play in the indoor kiddy playground, and faux kiss in the McDonald’s bathroom. You can skip to 7:02 for the McDonald’s stuff.

Waffle House Ghetto Big Mac

This one tries to approximate a ghetto big mac without going into a McDonald’s. It was posted to YouTube just last week. The GBM remake tradition lives!

The next IC video: Stadium Status

We’re going to try and get to the bottom of a billion dollar question in our next video. In this hellish economy, should the public be spending billions of dollar to make new sports stadiums, geared to a wealthier audience and benefiting private sports teams? It seems like the only socially acceptable form of welfare is corporate welfare. What part of the game is that?

Here in New York City, two new baseball stadiums launched this year at a cost to the public of over 2 billion dollars. Next year there’ll be a new Giants stadium. The New Jersey Nets may be moving to Brooklyn a few years after that.

With all this development going on and all this money disappearing, who better than us to investigate what these sports teams have been doing. No one else seems to be talking about it. And besides we know a thing or two about getting over and getting free shit.

We’re using a new service called Kickstarter to raise the money to make this project a reality. Check our Kickstarter page out to learn more about it, including how you can help this video get made while at the same time getting cool and unique rewards for your contribution.

Thanks for your support.

Stadium Status @ Kickstarter

Get Your Big Fat Wall Street Bonus

Vend Diagram Bonus Clips.

Golden Calf

Bonus to the Bonus: Emergency Exit is a piece by Chinese artist Chen Wenling, depicting the Wall Street Bull ass-ramming a horned Bernie Madoff and pinning him up against a wall. Some really weird shit going on in this one. Literally.

Internets Celebrities Secret Handshake

Bonus to the Bonus: In the old days, some rappers were accused of freebasin’. Now they’re accused of being freemasons. This Youtube video claims to have found some secret in the grips of rap royalty.

At the Vendy’s

We jumped at the chance to attend New York’s annual celebration of street vendor food – the Vendy Awards – this weekend. Thanks to Amy and the Street Vendor Project for the hookup. And the wafel truck in particular for rocking our world.


Dallas, Rafi and I just finished a new movie about street vendors and we would like very much for you to watch it.

It’s our longest movie to date (which I know isn’t a selling point on the internets) yet I still feel like it just barely scratches the surface of street vendor culture in New York City.

Take this fact omitted from the movie for instance:

The # of licensed street vendors ALLOWED in NYC = 853 (Merchandise) and 3000 (Food Vendors).

And it’s been like that for over 2 decades. I always thought anyone could get a license or permit to be a street vendor after passing a test or doing an interview. I assumed the number of vendors was based solely on the number of people who wanted to be vendors. Well, I assumed wrong.

Like a lot of our movies, we chose for our subject, something we three New Yorkers have taken for granted growing up in this city. I can’t speak for Dallas and Rafi but I’m fond of the knish, the pretzel, the hot dog and very occasionally the bootleg DVD. Before we made this movie I never really wondered who comprised the workforce that brought me these city delights. Sadly, I think it’s human nature to push a lot of stuff into the background. Hopefully, this movie shines a little light on a population that has had its business and its rights compromised by an effed the eff up economy, an overzealous police force and the lobbying efforts of Big Retail.

Enjoy the movie, let us know what you think, spread the word if you’re inclined and afterwards, if you feel worn out, Fux with naps!

(That last bit might make more sense after you watch the movie)

Been A Long Time, We Should’na Left You…

Has it really been over a year since the last i.C. feature presentation?

Sure, I do all kinds of Ricky Retardo shit on my site – and my corresponding YouTube page, and Casimir still makes films that are LOL funny and Rafi still dissects the egregious commercialization of Hip-Hop at the revamped, but as far as Internets Celebrities goodness there hasn’t been a flick in a minute.

We all enjoy a modicum of success in our own separate endeavors, but when we form the three-headed social justice Cerberus not even an army of Michael Vicks can drown out our barking. The great news is that in a short while you will all see our latest project. The three of us take to the streets of NYC to get a portrait from the frontlines of the U.S. economy. I wanted to say street level view but using the word ‘street’ in the sentence twice looked like bad form.


As the new movie is about to roll off the Final Cut Pro console we thought we could entertain you with a mini-clip from the virtual cutting room floor. Cas chopped up a nice little clip from one of the interviews we conducted while on the grind for this new project. The funny backstory for this clip is that the subject essentially volunteered to be interviewed since he saw us with our fancy camera out.

There are certainly eight million stories in the city when you consider the folks that are homeless as a lifestyle choice. This man has no overhead and free entertainment provided by the New York public library system. The bonus is that he gets high everyday. Homelessness for the win. Internets, meet Jean aka Scott, Homeless Celebrity.

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