Soon Come The Skinny…

ic fit club

RafiK Shalom threw down the gauntlet(or so he says), but I’m throwing it down now for real.

The Internets Celebrities F.I.T. Club is now getting started. Even tho’ we haven’t completed our Ghetto Big Mac trilogy we are still moving forward with our plans to make ourselves healthier. Hopefully we can improve the lifestyles of our friends across the internets as well.

It’s simply about making better decisions on the daily. Consistency will be the key to the plan. I’m not going to get on a scale to weigh myself. I’m a lard ass. It’s fuxin’ obvious. What I am going to do is make a decision to not purchase a 24oz. $1 can of Arizona sugar water when I am thirsty and instead I will spend that same $1 on a 16oz. bottle of Poland Spring water. Sure I’m losing 8 fluid ounces in the trade off, but think about the money I’m actually saving in health related costs in the future?

Provided I live that long. That’s the other totally awesome thing about becoming health conscious, you start to get a God complex. Once you worry about living longer and doing things you think will give you access to longer life you are in effect biting the apple. Literally, and figuratively. Let’s get healthy internets so that we can live forever and tell God to go to hell.

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  1. DirtyJerz

    Son, these old school wrestler images are crazy!

    Well, today is my birthday, a new year, and of course I'm doing alot of reflecting and soul searching, then I go to the internets and I come across this post. Today, is the day I stops with that BS! We've discussed it over emails, I will absolutely not tell God to go to hell, but you know I'm in on this!


  2. nerditry

    Let's get it started.

    I'ma go watch Disorderlies to get motivated!

  3. LM

    “Buy the $4 case of 24 16-17 oz. water bottles”

  4. Amadeo

    Son, I been on it since February. I'm trying to get to my fighting weight.

  5. chea

    Does ic fit club have a goal? Is it body fat %s or just straight up lbs?

    What does the winner win?

  6. DP

    Happy new year fam, lets start this new year of yours on some positive ish. You don't have to tell God to go to hell either. LOL

  7. DP

    if we were going hardbody it would have to be % since we all don't weigh the same amount.

    If I go today without going to McD or Wendy's I will feel like I won something


    actually peanut butter and jelly on wheat bread is goof for you. if you use some good jelly or jam not some cheap suguar filled crap. paired with some milk low fat or whatever you like. to be healthy means to spend money when you eat crap it's cheaper. when you wanna eat good your food bill jumps. when i was just getting whatever my bill barely tipped over 40 bucks a week. trying to eat better it's almost 80 a week fuck fresh shit cost to much. a nigga needs to get a farm hhahahahah


    DP losing weight is def a challenge, but it will only stay off if you change your lifestyle. I lost 30 pounds in 6 months, by stopping bad habits. The price is a little higher to eat better, but if you know what to get your pockets will be aright. For example I eat whole eggs, oats, and toast w/ PB on it for breakfast. then a few hours later ill have fruit some almonds or yogurt. I can't do dairy but yogurt works for my stomach, and it has live and active cultures. If you don't know the importance of yogurt check this link…. Also, try to eat every 2 to 3 hours, but in smaller portions, and this will speed up your metabolism. The hardest thing to do is not eat after 8pm but if you do try to eat as little as possible. I still eat garbage, but in moderation. You have to say goodbye to McD's…..well maybe you can cheat every now and again just don't get caught up. Stay away from high fructose corn syrup and those sugar substitutes. All that stuff that may seem statically better for you is not. Your diet is 70% if not more about how your body looks and feels. Think of your body like a car, the better the fuel the better it will perform. If you need any help with this let me know.

  10. mzahmad

    Can girls be in the club to?

  11. Dallas

    Girls can definitely get in the club, especially girls that are as active on the web as you are

    • Joe

      Howdy, i read your blog occasionally and i own a siimalr one and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam comments? If so how do you protect against it, any plugin or anything you can advise? I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any support is very much appreciated.

  12. 6 100

    Son, the quickest way to lose weight in a healthy way:

    Drink mad water. Your body is 60-70% water.

    Water does alot stuff inside your body[||]:
    -Transports vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glucose, hormones, enzymes and other substances throughout your body
    -Assists chemical reactions such as the burning of glucose and the breakdown of fat for energy

    If your urine has color you need to drink more water.

    IMPORTANT : If you're hungry, drink water. I say this because very very few people know the difference between the early stages of hunger and thirst. Most of the time people are thirsty only because they've allowed body dehydration to reach a point where the body alarms the brain, typically when later stage dehyration occurs(e.g. dry mouth). Most times people confuse the sensation of hunger with thirst, and eat because they think they want food.

    Calculate your overall daily need by taking your weight in kilograms (or your weight in pounds divided by 2), in ounces per day. For example, 280lbs / 2 = 140oz; 140oz / 8 = about like 18 or so 8 oz cups per day.

    dont believe me Google “Hunger and Dehydration” and see what you find.

    True story:
    When I was in the service, I knew this cat who was 6'3″, 290. He was fat, but in lumberjack type of way. He got down to 255 in one month off the strength of drinking a two 8 oz glasses of water before every meal and one glass every hour. He pissed like a race horse, but it was worth it.

    The best part is you can eat whatever you want. But you wont even want to eat as much. So go buy a Brita and work your way up to the right fluid intake. When you start dieting and exercising, the pounds will shed off even faster.

    What are you gonna do when your clothes dont fit?

  13. Cheese Curls

    I see the pain in your eyes and I feel so sorry for you. Have you tried Fat Therapy? Most say they don't need a shrink and discount the idea immediately, especially for obesity. I mean imagine being Obese and have to tell a complete stranger your eating habits and that your self body image is what is making you depressed and want to eat more. I was in love with food! Literally in love with food!
    I used to weigh close to 900 pounds. Can you believe that, if you could see me now, you would not be able to! I am a comfortable 180 lbs, standing at 5' 9″, all that weight loss is due to being hypnotized from a shy overweight guy to a confident strong man. I would suggest you get hypnotized because it will change your whole mind state.
    This is my testimony so please here me out. This could help somebody! So my first session on the couch was quite troublesome. I was hungry, the smell of McDonalds lingered in the office and I couldn't think of anything but french fries. The shrink new i was fat what did I need to say. He just looked at me like I was some fat ass. He told me to be quiet and listen to myself. I was confused. He told me to sit back and think of happy thoughts. So french fries and Milk shakes were dancing around in my head like an episode of Aqua Team Huger Force. The session had begun. He began to rub my belly and told me to close my eyes. My eyes were closed but I was completely concious and I could feel my mind changing about food. We got into some deep issues. I confessed my issues with sitophila. I didn't know my food issues were linked to some sexual desire for warm butter and large cucumbers. Anyhoot the Dr. was able to reverse my minds sexual attraction for food and I was able to stop jerking off in my room mates left over subs like they were pocket pussies! I want to give everyone the opportunity to know and understand fat therapy and that its a good thing. find out more,

  14. fats

    im with you d! lets make it happen. soup and salad for both of us when you come to the a my mans!

  15. fats

    im with you d! lets make it happen. soup and salad for both of us when you come to the a my mans!