Tasha takes the Ghetto Big Mac Test

You might remember Tasha as the young woman who told us she fucks with naps when we randomly interviewed her for Vend Diagram.

It took us a couple of years to have the good idea of bringing her into the fold for more of that magic. But as Dallas says we’re never late – because whenever we show up we’re always on time.

4 Responses to Tasha takes the Ghetto Big Mac Test
  1. Rob

    The look Rafi gives Tasha at 3:16 is in my top 3 IC moments. EVER.

    Eff you, John 3:16! Rafi 3:16 FTW!

  2. 8thlight

    Is Tasha on Twitter? Does she have a blog? I’ve been crushing on her for a minute. An “I fucks wit naps” t-shirt is very necessary!

  3. Patrick

    Great new addition!!

    Bring on the goodness