The Internets Celebrities make videos exposing injustice of all sorts— economic, political AND culinary. Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam—two accomplished bloggers who bring their bold style to the visual realm—along with director Casimir Nozkowski uncover truths and celebrate urban culture. Bending and breaking the fine line between non-fiction and satire, Dallas, Rafi and Casimir shoot exclusively on-location, uncovering the hard-to-reach but no less fascinating corners of our society. The ICs will stop at nothing to speak truth to power in videos that employ their unique, accessible, dramatic, and cost-effective aesthetic.

Their work has been seen in The Woodstock Film Festival, The Black Maria Film Festival, The Newark Black Film Festival, Rooftop Films, on CNN Headline News, IFC.com, Boingboing, The New York Times “Freakonomics” blog, Salon.com and The Brian Lehrer Show. Internets Celebrities videos have also garnered homepage feature spots on Youtube and Myspace, and have been viewed over 3 million times on these beautiful Internets.


“Assailing their targets with staged stunts and gleefully blue language, the three men, all New Yorkers in their 30s, conjure up a world in which Michael Moore might meet┬áDave Chappelle.”
– David Gonzalez, New York Times – Three Men and a Video Camera, Out to Reveal Urban Truths

“Web Watchdogs Gain Cult Following” – The IC’s interviewed live on TV by former Governor Eliot Spitzer (!!!)

“The Internets Celebrities clips take place in the gap between the glamorous life promised by advertising and hip-hop videos and the reality of those who consume them.”
– Keith Phipps, AV Club – Portraits of Awesomeness: Internets Celebrities

“I think I just saw the hip-hop blogosphere hit its collective peak.”
Byron Crawford Ghetto Big Mac

“The Bartles & Jaymes of Hip Hop”
– Sean Price

Other coverage: NewTeeVee article, Interview on Brian Lehrer show


  • IC’s are credited with creating the Ghetto Big Mac but it’s the other way around.
  • There was no mention of “Internets Celebrities” on Ghetto Big Mac or Bodega. The name was created to provoke a reaction from show biz people while reporting from Sundance 2007.


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