Be a Producer

If you like our videos and want to help us keep creating them independently, please consider donating to help keep our operation running.

Internets Celebrities are proud to be fan-supported. We make the videos we want to make without having to answer to any sponsor or media executive. We take these internets very seriously and making videos for all of you is its own reward.

Nevertheless, we have to eat too. Actually we have to eat a lot, in case you haven’t noticed.

Allowing our audience to become our producers is the best way we’ve found so far to make sustainable the time investment that goes into making quality videos.

You can see in the ending credits of Futuristic Brunch all the producers that made a donation before that video came out. We know it must have been rewarding for the producers as well because after Futuristic Brunch aired, several of these producers went ahead and invested their dollars in for the next one without any prompting from us.

This is also an opportunity for building relationships. We’re open to communicating with anybody of course but producers especially have our ear and our appreciation because they have put their money behind us.

If you are interested in contributing to see more Internets Celebrities videos get made, any size donation helps support the cause.

One-time Donations

Any size donation is appreciated and will help support the cause.

And after the donation you can tell anyone you want that you’ve produced something pretty great.

Producer Subscription Program

You can also make a monthly donation in exchange for producer credits on the new videos we create. Note: because we make web videos sometimes it makes sense to run with credits in the text descriptions accompanying the videos on this site and Youtube but the more serious efforts get credits in the videos themselves.

  • You can subscribe for $5/month to get a producer credit subscription – your name listed as a producer on every video we make while you’re subscribed.

  • Or you can subscribe at $15/month for an executive producer subscription – good for a credit on every video we put out during the length of your subscription.

Yours truly, humbly, and gratefully,
The Internets Celebrities

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