Bless the mic with the god: The Rakim Mash-Up

Damn you Rock The Bells press pass! You fucked up! You got the Internets Celebrites close enough to shoot a visually dope video of Rakim performing My Melody at Rock the Bells 2007 but ensured our audio would be absolutely unusable. The bass literally eats our camera mic, leaving in its wake a horrifyingly distorted audio track and us with half of something great.

So this is the Internets Celebrities solution: Take the great Kid Capri intro, the great streaky video of Rakim on stage and mash it together with the original audio from My Melody off Paid in Full. This sync will not fool you but the moments when it matches up are very satisfying.

Note the guy at the one minute mark who says “Fuck You” when we turn and film the crowd. He is now an Internets Celebrity.

2 Responses to Bless the mic with the god: The Rakim Mash-Up
  1. ron mexico

    good work, gentlemens.

  2. brickcity

    I was there live….. that Kid Capri intro beat is one of the illest sh*ts I ever heard. Dam, he need to put that up on his Myspace or something.