Brooklyn We Go Yards

Stadium Status is what’s good. We’re shooting. We’re brainstorming. We’re in the street doing our investigative thing. I feel like somehow we always end up shooting the outdoor movies in the heart of winter. We went to the site of the Atlantic Yards development this past Sunday and fought the cold to see where exactly they were going to put the East Rutherford Newark Brooklyn Nets and what kind of buildings would be going up to keep them company.

That’s Ian – our cinematographer – tracking after Dallas and Rafi in the distance. We ran a full lap around the entire project’s footprint just to try and understand how much land the development was going to wind up affecting. Answer: a lot.

We shot for about 4 hours and burned through 3 tapes. We’ve now shot 7 tapes for this project and probably have one more day left to go before we call it. We’re pretty determined to keep this movie under 10 minutes. So if we do end up shooting 9 hours of footage, that’ll make it a smooth 54 to 1 ratio. We usually employ a pretty insane shooting/editing ratio but this one is impressive even by our standards. The bloopers reel will melt your computer.

Cheers to Dallas and his new haircut and also cheers to Dallas for leading us on a post-shoot lunch expedition. We almost hit up a spot on Fulton but they were closed for a baby shower. We scolded the expecting mother for halting our lunch progress and tromped through the snow to 67 Burger near BAM where we did some work on their very excellent burgers and fries. It was a great lunch… but no mofungo

^ Mofungo was the post shoot lunch highlight from our previous shoot at Citifield. Dallas directed that lunch too. Rafi ate the Mofungo.

Our next shoot will take us back to the Bronx. We’ve got some people to see, some political corruption to chart and some important questions to answer – namely, where will we be having lunch that day?!?

Yankees Steakhouse is not an option.

2 Responses to Brooklyn We Go Yards
  1. model Reply

    You all are so inspiring. Keep gettin' it!

  2. Dallas Reply

    Chea-s to you too Cas. Your proposal to traverse the development's entire footprint almost started a mutiny from me.

    Chea-s to Ian as well because he was fuxing FREEZING yet he stayed in the pocket.

    Finally Chea-s to Raf for going in with me [ll], nah'mean?!? 'Nuff said.

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