Cereal is Dope (video)

Cereal is dope in every sense of the word.

The new Internets Celebrities video about cereal is also dope!

With music by Greg Glassman.

12 Responses to Cereal is Dope (video)
  1. Jay Solis


  2. Jay Solis

    In all seriousness – great job on the video guys – another instant internets classic.

  3. Dart_Adams

    Y’all are some crazy bastards. I can’t front, I do kill cereal boxes on the reg. Great work.


  4. we stone

    ive been watchin since the ghetto big mac.
    another great video. shit made me laugh man, keep it up

  5. jdotnicholas

    Nice drop- and dope beat! Loved the segue from the dairy isle to Rafis fridge. That’s whats up.

  6. lola gets

    Yeah! Fuck a sugar substitute! You two are hilarious! Ill be back.

  7. Seattle Slim

    THAT shit was HILARIOUS!! That “mulatto flakes” comment slayed me! I for sure will be checking on y’all!

  8. khal

    LOLs everytime i peep this. iC crew ftw.

  9. Janell

    Fucking Hilarious. But for real, I had to pause that shit and go get a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios… or should I say Sugar nut Cheerios. FUck a sugar substitute!! No honey lager though… not that adventurous yet. Yo. Ya’ll are now in my favorites. Brilliant.

  10. Lady Chavez and Fluffgirl

    you are 2 lovable leading men, thanks for this

  11. anonymous coward

    if thats the best 5 minutes, i cringe at what the other 30 looked like. the only funny part was the cocoa krispies

  12. Dart_Adams

    Y'all are some crazy bastards. I can't front, I do kill cereal boxes on the reg. Great work.