Food Warriors: Beach 90th Street / Far Rockaway

At Beach 90th and Mott Ave the Food Warriors took the A all the way to the ocean. At the last stops on our journey, we got a tip from a token booth clerk to check out Rockaway Beach Surf Club for their winter ramen. And then hit the tracks once more to the eastern-most station in the system, Mott Avenue, where we found a diamond in the rough: Ralph’s Diner.

It was two sides to the Rockaways coin. First up was the surf club giving us a glimpse into a hipster tourist diaspora and supplying us with an actual coconut cracked for our drinking pleasure on the spot. Then the ramen warmed us enough for our trip out to Ralph’s, a greasy spoon with real, home-cooked comfort food at the ready. It was double-lunch time again with some breakfast vibe thrown in. We got french toast, grits, eggs n bacon and chicharron, steamed broccoli, pepper steak and avocado with an onion plopped in the middle of it.

Food Warriors Choice: Rockaway Beach Surf Club @302 Beach 87th Street and Ralph’s Diner @21-23 Mott Avenue!

Featuring Dallas Penn & Rafi Kam
Directed by Casimir Nozkowski
Shot by Jesse Brown
Edited by Bryan Galatis
Field Producer: Humu Yansane
Music: Aaron S. Brown
Re-Recording Engineer: Tod Chapman

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