Free Shit

How to score free stuff at public events and impress virtually no one.

7 Responses to Free Shit
  1. LM

    Best yet

  2. Jay Solis

    Live the dream Rafi. Live it!

  3. hnns

    hahaha. very good.

  4. Robbie

    “What if you’ve got a bad kidney and shit?”

    Is Parrish clothing connected to Cam’Ron somehow? They sure love ’em some day-glo.

  5. Ziploc Moe

    What up Dallas. Im Roni’s cousin (the nigga with the Cartier glasses on in this video). Also the nigga who helped get yall the beer. Whats the deely yo. I got a blog I just started (of course it aint quite on the IC’s level). Its

  6. rafi

    What’s up Moe.. Thanks for the beer.

    That certainly warrants a blog subscription. I’ll be checking it out.


  7. Xerifecaiu

    April 7, 2013Mine will not work, I edit the logo text and change it, then I save it but the the logo text is misisng. This happens to the slogan and the logo, I am just left with bg and background image. What could I be doing wrong?