Internets, it’s MLK Day – Stop Being Racist!

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, I thought we’d run some of our past attempts to get the Internets to stop being racist. Or chickenist. Or hip-hop separatists.

Only Chickenheadz R Racist

On this solo run, Dallas tried to debunk the notion that fried chicken was just for black people.

Rock the Bells

At Rock the Bells we found a high degree of musical miscegenation going on. Most of the white kids were there to see Wu-Tang. The black kids – okay there were hardly any black kids. But the few we found were there for Rage Against the Machine.

MLK may not have gotten there with us – but seeing Dallas get free hits of that white-boy weed would surely have made him proud. Maybe.

5 Responses to Internets, it’s MLK Day – Stop Being Racist!
  1. audibletreats

    IC, I'm sure you've seen this article from Rolling Out re: a Denver school serving up fried chicken and greens for MLK Day: I'd love to see you interview the children at that school.


    chicken in the butt mwhahahhaha


    i understand people like chicken but i never seen people eating with the bucket in the resturant.

  4. 6 100

    @ 1:28

    The sign tells people to top off the hot dog[||]

    • Rafaela

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