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Attention: New Yorkers. We’re going to be part of a sweet lineup this Sunday night at UnionDocs event “Collaboratively Made NYC Short Docs

New York City has a rich history of artist groups working together in a variety of ways. Exploring local issues as well as the universal, these collectives, collaboratives, and other partnerships utilize unique structures of organization and production.

[Sunday night] we will showcase short docs from a variety of contemporary local groups: the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective, Round Robin Artist Collective, Internets Celebrities, Meerkat Media, and Rumur. While their subject matter, tone, and approach may differ, they all offer something exciting and unique to our rich landscape of group production.

This event is Sunday, December 4 at 7:30pm, $9 suggested donation. UnionDocs is at 322 Union Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Aside from screening Checkmate and watching other people’s fresh videos, we’ll be taking part in a group discussion with the other filmmaking crews. It should be fun so swing by if you can. We’d love to see our people there. That means you.

Excursions to Occupy

We’ve done two lunch-break shoots at Occupy Wall Street and we figure to do more as the story keeps developing. Our first visit as a team was on October 5 which happened to be the day that many labor unions and busloads of college students joined the protesters for an evening march of nearly 20,000 people. Shooting hours earlier, the scene was still very exciting and we chose to focus on the props that served as visual repeaters in the crowd: handmade signs and cameras. Among the onlookers, we ran into Silence of the Lambs director Jonathan Demme and Ill Doctrine vlogger Jay Smooth and both were game to chat with us for a bit.

We were back on October 14, another big win day for Occupiers (IC’s = good luck) as it was the day the NYPD was supposed to have kicked them all out to “clean up” the park. We interviewed a number of triumphant but exhausted protesters and made two short videos out of that day’s footage.

The lunch break shoot has been an interesting challenge. Our time is short there so we have to stay focused and remind ourselves to keep it moving from one interview to the next. The great and terrible thing about filming at Occupy Wall Street is everybody wants to talk to you, a lot. Also, trying to be too jokey can be counterproductive — even gently mocking a group of people who are earnestly and collectively putting their bodies on the line to change the world leads to mostly a whole lot of clunkers. But we’re learning and we’ll get this documentarian thing down as we keep going. Occupy still isn’t getting the right kind of coverage from mainstream media so we’re happy to make these visits and join in with an army of amateurs broadcasting history.

Thanks to Corinne Marro for editing the video from the first day’s shoot and to Terrence Elenteny the videos from day two. All music by Bless 1.

Music From I.C. NYC

All the beats from our web series in a single zip file.

Music From I.C. NYC by Bless 1

Growl (Episode 1: IC Waters)
Mandarin Skies (Episode 2: Enter the Rabbit)
Tunnel (Episode 2: Enter the Rabbit)
Give It To Me (Episode 3: A Fare Slice)
Slightly (Episode 4: Mofongo)
Native Wind (Episode 5: Bodega Cats)
Hark (Episode 6: All You Can Eat)
Crawling (Episode 6: All You Can Eat)

Get it while the link works.

Mofongo (I.C. NYC – Episode 4)

It’s the next episode of our six-part web series I.C. NYC!

This time, we head to Corona, Queens to eat Mofongo, investigate Mofongo’s origins and say the word Mofongo many, many times.

Directed by Casimir Nozkowski
Edited by Josh Weisbrot
Original Music by Bless 1
Produced by Robin Oye, Jesse Wilson, Cornelius van Gorkom

A Fare Slice (I.C. NYC Episode 3)

“New York pizza crust is like New Yorkers….We can take a lot. We’re resilient. We stand tall even when things are put on us.”

In 1980, New Yorker Eric Bram noticed that for twenty years the price of a subway token had tended to match the price of a slice of pizza. Thirty years later, his hypothesis still holds true. The question we wanted answered is WHY. Are the MTA and the various supposedly independent pizza shops involved in collusion – or who’s taking their pricing cues from who? And what about the dollar pizza spots that have been popping up all over Manhattan recently — could these be predicting a lower cost transit authority appearing in our future?

Directed by Casimir Nozkowski
Edited by Corinne Marro
Original Music by Bless 1
Producers: Robin Oye, Jesse Wilson, Cornelius van Gorkom

Enter the Rabbit (I.C. NYC Episode 2)

The Chinese New Years Parade is something everyone should experience at least once – the fireworks, the dragon dancers and of course – the dollar dumplings. It’s the Year of the Rabbit. Happy New Chea!

Directed by Casimir Nozkowski
Shot and Edited by Matt Raz
Music by Bless 1
Produced by Robin Oye, Jesse Wilson, Cornelius van Gorkom

I.C. Waters (I.C. NYC Episode 1)

We just kicked off our new web series on Youtube. I.C. NYC is a six episode documentary series exploring some of the hidden corners and unsung experiences of New York City.

The first episode I.C. Waters has us at the Polar Bear Swim which takes place every New Year’s Day at Coney Island where a bunch of crazies jump in the ocean. We had to find out who does this and why.

The Polar Bear Swim is a Coney Island tradition. On New Year’s Day, the Polar Bear Club who swim off this beach all winter long invite the world to join them for a plunge in the near freezing Atlantic Ocean. What better way to start I.C. NYC than by participating in this New Year’s tradition? Are these people just crazy or are the health benefits of cold water for real? And more pressingly, is this just some white people shit? The IC’s aim to find out!

Directed by Casimir Nozkowski
Edited by Dino Ostrowsky
Music by Bless-1
Producers: Robin Oye, Jesse Wilson, Cornelius van Gorkom

With I.C. NYC, we’ll be putting out a new episode every two weeks, all summer long.

We dropped a sweet promo for the whole series last week.

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