Rooftop Films Recap

rooftop films new york non-fiction night atop the new design school

This past Friday, Internets Celebrities were in full effect at the Rooftop Films screening of Bodega in their New York Non-Fiction night. The response was huge – lots of applause and the biggest laughs we heard all night (okay there weren’t that many comedies in the lineup but we’ll take it). It was gratifying and even thrilling to sit among a crowd of 500 people enjoying our work.

The opening act was young emcee from Yonkers named Loer Velocity. Coincidentally Loer did a song with his very low-key hypeman Donnan Linkz called “The Hood Diet”. The subject matter was perfect with Bodega coming up.

There were a lot of good films that night. Highlights included: The Guarantee by Jesse Epstein, Bongo Barbershop by Charlie Ahearn, A Son’s Sacrifice by Yoni Brook and Toxic Brooklyn by

Afterwards we had a chance to speak to Wild Style director Ahearn who approached us shouting “Bo-De-Ga!”, announcing himself as a fan.

Cue Zoro’s brother “Is this being an Internets Celebrity what you’re gonna do with your life? Stop fucking around and be a man already. There ain’t nothing out here for you.”

Oh yes there is.

By the way you can catch Ahearn and Wild Style for free this coming Friday June 22 as part of the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. And the big concert is Saturday June 23. The IC’s will be representing at both events.

4 Responses to Rooftop Films Recap
  1. Dan Nuxoll

    that’s pretty cool that Ahearn was into Bodega. Not that I’m surprised, of course…

  2. candice

    Very cool DP…..very cool.

  3. khal

    why would you NOT want to be an internets celebrities?

  4. candice

    Very cool DP…..very cool.