Super Size D [||]

The funniest thing about Dallas hanging out with Morgan Spurlock is it kind of seems like neither one of them knows who the other guy is.

Look who I’m hanging out with! It’s him. It’s him. Look who I’m getting advice from. Wait, who is this dude?!

5 Responses to Super Size D [||]
  1. khal

    truth be told, i didnt know dude's name off the back. then i saw his face and remembered him throwing up.

  2. Dallas

    he's the dude from Smoky and the bandit.

  3. khal

    im not gonna embarrass myself by saying i've never seen that movie… wait… fuck!

  4. Easi-lee

    He did “Super Size Me”.

  5. Elliot

    Damn this ginseng green tea u're showing cost a fuckin fortune here in Switzerland.