Talk it up – Media Soundoff Interview!

I got thoroughly interviewed.

And in that interview, I talk about:

The spectacularly casual origin of The Internets Celebrities.

The splendidly exciting ascent of Crying, While Eating.

The viscerally humbling experience of film festivals.

The thrillingly unpopular (but close-to-my-heart) Hello Curve.

For anyone making video out there, I talk some talk about the tools I regularly use for the editing and the shooting.

Shout to Jesse Thorn from Sound of Young America (who was interviewed last week) for putting Emerson and Lyle of Media Sound Off in touch with me.

Thanks for listening!

3 Responses to Talk it up – Media Soundoff Interview!
  1. rafi Reply

    They interviewed the heck out of you.

  2. DP Reply

    They didn’t play the rest of the interview where they examined Cas’ stool for fiber content.

  3. rpgiwdmp Reply

    Talk it up – Media Soundoff Interview! – Internets Celebrities

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