The shrinking of Rafi

I’ve been dieting for the past four weeks and have lost seventeen pounds in that time – going from 265 to 248 pounds. I’m hoping to break the Mendoza line by my 31st birthday in February. I haven’t been sub-200 since college. I did get down to 205 when I decided it was time to get healthy after my son was born in 2002 but in the five years since I had put it all back on plus some.

I’m really psyched about the weight loss and lifestyle changes that I think will keep the weight off but I hope this doesn’t ruin my credibility for our junk food videos.

We have two new videos coming out very soon (one on a great food topic) but both were shot before this transformation began. So don’t expect to see it this month. But an October project or two will reveal a slightly smaller Rafi.

On a related note, do you think Dallas and I should start video blogging in between our official video projects? I think we should launch an Internets Celebrity Fit Club and show those VH1 fools what’s up.

5 Responses to The shrinking of Rafi
  1. Ass Hat

    do it, sir. soulja boy-themed workout videos for the internets slobs. yes indeed.

  2. Jay Solis

    Yo – Rafi – definitely start video blogging in between projects, and I love the Internets Celebrity Fit Club idea haha.

    Are you going to assemble a panel of three idiots too?

  3. mastaWEEDthaILLverbalz93874

    yeah you should start vlogging as often as possible…internets celebreties run tings!

  4. khal

    yeah just keep the vlogging going.

    good luck with the weight loss, homie!

  5. shottyshot

    gangstas unite, do the damn thing guys, im at 269 lbs, you guys are not iternet celeberties but interneta heros straight up and sideways. you guys lose weight, and i’ll gain it to keep balance within the matrix. gang