The Trilogy is complete

First there was Ghetto Big Mac

Then there was Ghetto Big Mac 2 (aka Futuristic Brunch)

And now, finally, Ghetto Big Mac 3: The Search for Sauce

Following the Star Trek Chronology, we’d have to make our fourth GBM about going back in time and bringing Grimace back to the future to communicate with the HamBurglars threatening destruction of our planet. And our fifth would just be really, really bad. So we’ll stick with the trilogy for now. Chea!

3 Responses to The Trilogy is complete
  1. Nappanott

    dis shit is hilarious!!!! good shit!!

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  3. Nic_nic_nicole

    I just wanted to take the time to communicate with you guys that McDonalds is to be applauded for its food provision services as it does NOT discriminate. Where else can you actually GET a childrens meal? Now let's save the debate of whether or not we'd want to for another time. The point is YES WE CAN! (At least here in Australia it's cool). Peace.