Video: Bodega

Was it all so simple then?

Bodega is a playful homage to the kind of corner store that we all grew up next to when we were kids in the city. As you grow older you come to realize that there are choices being made for you on a nutritional level due to your lack of options.

For some people the bodega represents the sole option of fresh foods in some communities. In the tragically impoverished Bronx neighborhood of Hunts Point there are fenced off warehouses and wholesalers that distribute fresh food and fish to the entire city. Meanwhile the residents of Hunts Point are relegated to shopping at bodegas.

For thirty years New York City has started, stumbled, staggered and swaggered its way into the paradigm American metropolis. The Bronx? Not so much. New York City has less respect for the entire Bronx County than it does for Jersey City. Still the Bronx remains. Still the Bronx stands. Still ready 24-7. Just like the bodegas.

4 Responses to Video: Bodega
  1. Korean Slap Boxer

    mmm mmm mmm, you forgot the big texas cinnamon roll for fiddy cents!!!

  2. Janell

    a scathing and necessary sattire. I absolutely love it. It is clever and and convicting and it is about time that someone point of this unsettling pattern in not just the Bronx but urban burroughs throughout the country.
    kudos Dallas and Rafi…

  3. Janell

    yellow food group!!! LMFAO!!

  4. Janell

    yellow food group!!! LMFAO!!