YOU’RE ON THE LIST: How to attend an Outdoor Concert Internets Celebrities Style

The Internets Celebrities are first and foremost bringers of knowledge. Having braved the unforgiving sun, the entrapping police and the paranoia-inducing contact highs of the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, The ICs here go through the DOs and the DON’Ts of successful outdoor concert going. Taped at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival in mid-June, this video speaks to all genres of outdoor summer concerts. Take the knowledge supplied here and apply it to an Incubus show in upstate New York, a Boston Philharmonic music festival on Cape Cod, a Cypress Hill summerstage show or any outdoor event where the food is overpriced and the undercovers are trying to get you to buy weed from them.

DO: Watch this video and learn from it.
DON’T: Hold your deuce in.

The Internets Celebrities are Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam
Directed by Casimir Nozkowski
Cinematography/Audio by Ian Savage
Edited by Terrence Elenteny

12 Responses to YOU’RE ON THE LIST: How to attend an Outdoor Concert Internets Celebrities Style
  1. casimir

    Seriously. Don’t hold your deuce in.

  2. Jay Solis

    My cousin landed himself in the hospital holding his deuce in. I do not recommend ever holding your deuce in.

  3. Tony

    Fucking brilliant!!! I’m posting this on my blog because the summer music season isn’t over yet.

  4. Robbie

    Getting drunk before outdoor concerts = Tha Truf.

  5. zillz

    god laminates rule son!!!

  6. Ream_Team

    “I smoked dust with a rapper. . . and I got fuckin’ high.”

  7. mike

    Dear internet celelbrities,
    how do i sneak in a camera when they are not allowed?

  8. dallas

    Where is that gully spirit? Just because weed is illegal you still smoke it don’t you?

    The key to sneaking in a camera is arriving at the outdoor venue weeks in advance and burying your electronics in the ground. This way when you return in a month or so your items will be waiting for you.

  9. Hnns

    Serious hilarity once again. haha

  10. sankofa

    the goodness continues from the iCs

  11. bodega james

    pearls before swine gentlemen, pearls before swine!

    thank you master iCs!

  12. Daruffian

    This is mos def the blueprint of outdoor concerts!