Bloody Good New Video

When you hear a song as funny as “Always” by the Hazzards, you know it needs a video.

True story, I was not super amped to begin with on this project – if only because I was so used to the more lo-fi, documentary productions I’d been doing here with the ICs. I’m not saying it’s easier but working on a set demands more precision and timely execution than shooting the hell out of documentary shooting ratio. I could not have done it without a lot of excellent people: Matt Elkind, Kayla Graffam, Oliver Butler, Sigal Inbar, Sydney Maresca, Anne Harris, Simon Astor, Hannah Bos – to name just a very few.

But I think it came out great. And I’m really glad I directed it.

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  1. David Reply

    ewwwww. pretty grossed otu by that, but it was funny.

  2. [...] fronted Hazzards from “Always”, their ode to menstruating in one’s pants, or its video...

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