Dollar Bills Go Flying

At the end of Checkmate, Dallas and Rafi make it rain:

I’d originally wanted to make a movie where people pay for everyday things by making it rain (a mother and child buying groceries, adding to the collection plate at church, the tooth fairy, etc) but in the end, I really just thought it’d be funny to make it rain on a sunday afternoon on a street corner. It wasn’t clear that this scene would make it into Checkmate when we did it. But when I saw video of Dallas chasing that one single down a storm drain, it seemed metaphorically appropriate. I still think a movie about people who make it rain with coins would be a hit.

I like to be prepared before we shoot. The night before we met up, I decided to test out the act of making it rain. Without a handy stripclub, I gathered my singles and attempted to rain dollar bills in my living room. I was trying to answer these hard questions: Do you throw the bills straight up in the air? Do you want to fan them out before you throw them? Should they go all at once or do you save some for a follow-up toss? Do you say the words “make it rain” in a sinister voice when you throw the dollar bills in the air? Or is it better to stay silent and let the cascade of 1s speak for your player status? The answer to these questions is unique to every rainmaker (I like to say “Make it Rain” in a sinister voice and keep my hands extended after throwing the dollar bills straight up in one blast).

But my primary observation about the act of making it rain is that it’s over very quickly. Sure, you might feel fresh for a few seconds. But then gravity asserts itself, leaving you with a hard choice: walk away or scramble on the ground for your flung currency.

The Internets Celebrities choose the latter – as you can see in the extended, uncut, unrated, Make it Rain scene.

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  1. burn Reply

    When I saw you guys make it rain the first time I immediately thought “I wish they would have shown them scrambling to grab all of those ones.” And then you did. Classic.

  2. Tylia Reply

    I love all of your videos ‘specially those explainin how the economy is ‘fucked the fuck up’. Its great you make these videos with humor but also social intelligence. The Bodega video classsic, ive had that on the myspace page for over a year now, I never get sick of it. When I get back with a bank and get one of those ATM cards ill donate some money to the cause. For now I cash my checks at the Wal-Mart yeah Wal-Mart its that down south cash checkin shit. Keep up the good work IT!! -TYlia from Hampton but born and raised in NYC(boogie down)

  3. Reply

    good post,it is useful to me and others,please just keep it on….

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