Food Warriors: Nostrand Avenue

(S2E6) The season finale! This leg of the journey is complete, as the Food Warriors rode the A-train from uptown in Harlem to Bed Stuy out in Brooklyn. The subway connection between these two neighborhoods goes back to 1936 and was vital in shaping the history of NYC. Bedford-Stuyvestant quickly became a “little Harlem”, attracting Harlem residents looking for breathing room, Great Migrators coming up from the southern states and then immigrants from the Caribbean islands.

The changing of demographics continues today as the renewed desirability of living in NYC, and the shortage of affordable real estate causes neighborhoods like Bed Stuy to face the reality of gentrification. What will Bed Stuy look like in 10, 20, 50 years? What does it even look like today?

These are probably great questions for somebody else – we came to eat. We want to know what does Nostrand Avenue taste like – and we found the answer was deliciously unexpected.

Featuring Dallas Penn & Rafi Kam
Directed by Casimir Nozkowski
Shot by Jesse Brown
Edited by Bryan Galatis
Field Producer: Humu Yansane
Music: Bless 1
Re-Recording Engineer: Tod Chapman
Title Sequence: Bryan Galatis

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What is a Food Warrior?
The Internets Celebrities have become the Food Warriors again for season two of their subterranean journey along NYC’s ‘A’ train line. Dallas and Rafi will again look to find the best places to eat when they exit the subway system, with the help of the people they encounter at that station. Democracy based dining done with the Internets Celebrities inimitable style. Come along for the ride…

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