How to pitch a movie about cereal

Cereal Is Dope was definitely a fun movie to make on my end. Casimir (and Terrence) typically do all the hard work like culling together clips from the hours of footage that we shoot. For Rafi and me the hardest part of the project is pitching the idea to Cas. We have to find a way to endear him or excite him on the subject before he will even consider shooting the movie. For Cas the editing process begins before the tape has even started rolling. The real question is… Why would anyone even want to watch this shit?

The following clips were my pitch to the i.C. in the attempt to have our cereal movie produced. Now if you had seen these first would you have wanted to go ahead and shoot the movie?

3 Responses to How to pitch a movie about cereal
  1. JMack

    Check out the kids and their parents behind you… they look scared hahahaha

  2. Drew

    lol @ “this is crack in a box, baby. put some milk on it.”

  3. Bless 1