How to see Stadium Status…. First!

Let’s face it, there’s a certain joy in being First.

That’s why yesterday we sent a download link for Stadium Status out to the people who supported the video at Kickstarter. Never mind that some of these people have yet to receive their Bodega gift boxes, those are going out this week. We strive for authenticity here – Bodega food is never fresh.

But anyway, yesterday the producers of Stadium Status became the first to watch the video. A gesture of our gratitude to them and a chance for us to get some early feedback.

On Tuesday when we screen Stadium Status at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, another group will get to be first. The people there with us that evening will see the video before it even hits YouTube, the first time we’ve screened a movie before putting it online for the general public.

But there’s another group of people who might not be producers who donated money to the cause, or who might not be folks in the New York area that can come out and see us next week. But they are still people we think deserve a shot to be some kind of first. I’m speaking of the good folks on the Internets Celebrities email list.

If you join the Internets Celebrities email list, you’ll get posts from this site emailed to you so you won’t miss any updates. And you’ll also get occasional goodies: love notes from us or early access to new videos like Stadium Status.

So sign up for email updates now and you’ll be able to check out Stadium Status FIRST – ahead of the rest of the internets.

Because being First isn’t just about whether someone did something before you. It’s also whether you were among the first to do something before BILLIONS of other people even had a chance at it. Put on your puffy jackets because the feeling of satisfaction that brings is ice cold.

5 Responses to How to see Stadium Status…. First!
  1. Trent

    First! Ha!
    Props to you guys!

  2. badboy


  3. Prince of Thrift

    I have a post that just went live. You haven’t made it there yet.

  4. Prince of Thrift

    oops someone else beat you to being the first to comment. Sorry you missed out on this one.

  5. matt

    yo the movie is dope!