You’ve got Stadium Status

The brand new movie from the Internets Celebrities is locked and (up)loaded.

It’s called Stadium Status.

And we’d like to invite you to watch it below:

Stadium Status from Internets Celebrities on Vimeo.

Our starting point for this movie was simply asking the question: why did the Yankees and the Mets get to build record-breakingly expensive stadiums in the SAME YEAR? Considering we were on the brink of a massive recession and now face massive budget shortfalls in New York state, it seemed problematic that so much public funding went into these buildings – with little assurance of any tangible public benefit.

From there, we employed our usual investigation methods. Namely, go to a place and start filming. We actually got into Citifield and were able to film there. Yankee Stadium confiscated our tape – but we still managed to talk to people and capture the exterior of the massive new structure.

We looked at the communities being affected by these stadiums and tried to see who exactly was benefiting from these teams getting to build new revenue-maximizing ballparks – directly across from the old ones.

It’s a big topic, could probably fill up a feature film or two and in the end is our longest movie to date – coming in at a potentially unviral 18 minutes.

We could not have made this movie without you, internets and if you dig it, please pass it along to anyone else who might enjoy it. In the end, we’re baseball fans and still root for these teams. But it doesn’t mean it’s not worth questioning their methods.

Thank you very much for watching. Chea!

28 Responses to You’ve got Stadium Status
  1. Jason Kirk

    Awesome job, guys. Feel like I just watched the Food, Inc of sports.

  2. greg

    This is fantastic, anyone who is prepared to invest 18 minutes will not be disappointed.

  3. Andre

    Definitely enjoyed the video via NahRight. Keep up the good work. Bringin’ to light issues affecting everyone.

  4. polkaface

    Nice job! Very interesting video. Unfortunately, this is going on a lot of places, and not just with sports. Keep protesting!

  5. Dan Goldstein

    Will you guys be spreading this on the YouTubez?

  6. rafi


    We had planned to launch on YouTube yesterday but they have a problem with the music from the Natural in the intro. I guess they’re at odds with Warner Music Group and not allowing any music that Warner owns the rights to….

    We’re planning to cut a new version with different audio over the weekend so we can go up on YouTube early next week.

  7. lola gets

    I watched this video on AverageBrothers blog (sp?) and I loved it! You all summed up the situation perfectly, and with humor!

    This doesnt surprise me at all, because Ive always loved DPs posts on urban history/development. Congrats to both DP and Rafi!


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  9. achalibrian

    great meeting you at the decarava memorial, dallas. can’t wait to sit down and check this joint out

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  11. DRAMA

    WOW…im not a huge sports fan and I sure as heck dont watch videos past 5mins, BUT, this was a GREAT VIDEO. I would advise anyone who likes sports documentaries and anything dealing with Brooklyn to actually watch this video… GREAT WORK PEOPLE… GREAT WORK!

  12. verge

    Great job on this. Shit is straight angering and more people should be saying something and bringing the bullshit to light like yall are. No more hair cuts like that, though, Dallas, wtf was you thinking? Dope thug bear polo sweater though. Hahaa…Peace

  13. eric:p

    Superb video, guys! Good narration, solid interplay between Dallas and Rafi, sublime polish on the fonts and editing. Keep up the excellent work!

    • Andres

      F**K you anon 12:37 – just because your patiethc dc utd wont see a stadium in my lifetime, keep your hate east of the mississippi! and if you are from STL – same to you!

  14. eric:p

    Also, after submitting a comment we’re taken to a 404 page. WTF? Fix it! Fix it NOW!

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  18. Casey

    Wonderful works guys… makes me wonder how much tax money they spend when they built the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Next time they build a stadium here, I'm gonna ask questions. Also, CHEA! for Canadian content. Keep it up and thank you.

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  20. Ketlen

    This is what you get when you have soccer teams run as itvsenment vehicles for real estate speculators.KC would be much better off with some people who love soccer and don’t care about offices and a new TGI Fridays.

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