A Fare Slice (I.C. NYC Episode 3)

“New York pizza crust is like New Yorkers….We can take a lot. We’re resilient. We stand tall even when things are put on us.”

In 1980, New Yorker Eric Bram noticed that for twenty years the price of a subway token had tended to match the price of a slice of pizza. Thirty years later, his hypothesis still holds true. The question we wanted answered is WHY. Are the MTA and the various supposedly independent pizza shops involved in collusion – or who’s taking their pricing cues from who? And what about the dollar pizza spots that have been popping up all over Manhattan recently — could these be predicting a lower cost transit authority appearing in our future?


Directed by Casimir Nozkowski
Edited by Corinne Marro
Original Music by Bless 1
Producers: Robin Oye, Jesse Wilson, Cornelius van Gorkom

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  2. Eddie

    Chicago has better tasting pizza than NY.

  3. cdepcnsk

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