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A Fare Slice (I.C. NYC Episode 3)

“New York pizza crust is like New Yorkers….We can take a lot. We’re resilient. We stand tall even when things are put on us.”

In 1980, New Yorker Eric Bram noticed that for twenty years the price of a subway token had tended to match the price of a slice of pizza. Thirty years later, his hypothesis still holds true. The question we wanted answered is WHY. Are the MTA and the various supposedly independent pizza shops involved in collusion – or who’s taking their pricing cues from who? And what about the dollar pizza spots that have been popping up all over Manhattan recently — could these be predicting a lower cost transit authority appearing in our future?


Directed by Casimir Nozkowski
Edited by Corinne Marro
Original Music by Bless 1
Producers: Robin Oye, Jesse Wilson, Cornelius van Gorkom

Enter the Rabbit (I.C. NYC Episode 2)

The Chinese New Years Parade is something everyone should experience at least once – the fireworks, the dragon dancers and of course – the dollar dumplings. It’s the Year of the Rabbit. Happy New Chea!

Directed by Casimir Nozkowski
Shot and Edited by Matt Raz
Music by Bless 1
Produced by Robin Oye, Jesse Wilson, Cornelius van Gorkom

I.C. Waters (I.C. NYC Episode 1)

We just kicked off our new web series on Youtube. I.C. NYC is a six episode documentary series exploring some of the hidden corners and unsung experiences of New York City.

The first episode I.C. Waters has us at the Polar Bear Swim which takes place every New Year’s Day at Coney Island where a bunch of crazies jump in the ocean. We had to find out who does this and why.

The Polar Bear Swim is a Coney Island tradition. On New Year’s Day, the Polar Bear Club who swim off this beach all winter long invite the world to join them for a plunge in the near freezing Atlantic Ocean. What better way to start I.C. NYC than by participating in this New Year’s tradition? Are these people just crazy or are the health benefits of cold water for real? And more pressingly, is this just some white people shit? The IC’s aim to find out!

Directed by Casimir Nozkowski
Edited by Dino Ostrowsky
Music by Bless-1
Producers: Robin Oye, Jesse Wilson, Cornelius van Gorkom

With I.C. NYC, we’ll be putting out a new episode every two weeks, all summer long.

We dropped a sweet promo for the whole series last week.

You’ve got Stadium Status

The brand new movie from the Internets Celebrities is locked and (up)loaded.

It’s called Stadium Status.

And we’d like to invite you to watch it below:

Stadium Status from Internets Celebrities on Vimeo.

Our starting point for this movie was simply asking the question: why did the Yankees and the Mets get to build record-breakingly expensive stadiums in the SAME YEAR? Considering we were on the brink of a massive recession and now face massive budget shortfalls in New York state, it seemed problematic that so much public funding went into these buildings – with little assurance of any tangible public benefit.

From there, we employed our usual investigation methods. Namely, go to a place and start filming. We actually got into Citifield and were able to film there. Yankee Stadium confiscated our tape – but we still managed to talk to people and capture the exterior of the massive new structure.

We looked at the communities being affected by these stadiums and tried to see who exactly was benefiting from these teams getting to build new revenue-maximizing ballparks – directly across from the old ones.

It’s a big topic, could probably fill up a feature film or two and in the end is our longest movie to date – coming in at a potentially unviral 18 minutes.

We could not have made this movie without you, internets and if you dig it, please pass it along to anyone else who might enjoy it. In the end, we’re baseball fans and still root for these teams. But it doesn’t mean it’s not worth questioning their methods.

Thank you very much for watching. Chea!

Super Size D [||]

The funniest thing about Dallas hanging out with Morgan Spurlock is it kind of seems like neither one of them knows who the other guy is.

Look who I’m hanging out with! It’s him. It’s him. Look who I’m getting advice from. Wait, who is this dude?!

Go See The Doctor…


Kool Moe Dee – ‘Go See The Doctor’
via UnKut

You won’t find too many Af-Ams going to the shrink (or a general practicioner for that matter). We’d rather spend our available dollars self-medicating. The problems which arise from the skin we are in can’t be mitigated on a couch or even a comfortable leather chair.

Now don’t get me twisted, I am not morbidly obese because of racism, altho’ if I were motivated enough to push the narrative I’m sure I could find the institution of racism inside of my weight gain. No, I’m fat because I have chosen to be. I have chosen to find emotional comfort in foods that are unhealthy.

So how do I break this chain of self-abuse because the fatter I become the less people want to be around me or afford me the opportunities to move upward in life? Let’s be honest with each other in this forum and admit that Blacks in America (unless they are endowed with supreme athleticism or entertaining ability) are already considered second-class citizens.

Fat Blacks? Well they’re just precious…

IC YouTube Bonus * IC YouTube Bonus

The High Cost Of A Dollar…

dollar wine

The whole point of the Internets Celebrities FIT Club is for you to change your nutritional lifestyle. Losing weight will be the by product of that change. If I simply wanted to lose weight I would just get liposuction or a kilogram of cocaine.

Since I am a former athlete I understand the things my body needs in order to operate at a high cardio rate. Sadly tho’ my wallet operates thru recurring deficits (shouts to Pierre Bennu) and the only fuel I can afford is frequently on a $1 menuboard.

Internets, it’s MLK Day – Stop Being Racist!

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, I thought we’d run some of our past attempts to get the Internets to stop being racist. Or chickenist. Or hip-hop separatists.

Only Chickenheadz R Racist

On this solo run, Dallas tried to debunk the notion that fried chicken was just for black people.

Rock the Bells

At Rock the Bells we found a high degree of musical miscegenation going on. Most of the white kids were there to see Wu-Tang. The black kids – okay there were hardly any black kids. But the few we found were there for Rage Against the Machine.

MLK may not have gotten there with us – but seeing Dallas get free hits of that white-boy weed would surely have made him proud. Maybe.

Lunch at Di Fara

We decided to make our first visit to the famous Di Fara’s for lunch since we were already shooting a video in that Brooklyn neighborhood.

Every pie at Di Fara is made with love by Dom DeMarco and the quality draws a big crowd of pizza tourists even with the long waits and $5 slices. We spent nearly two hours in Di Fara’s, the bulk of that time watching Dom at work on one beautiful looking pie after another.

Finally we got our pie and found out if it was worth the wait.

Music by Bless-1.

The next IC video: Stadium Status

We’re going to try and get to the bottom of a billion dollar question in our next video. In this hellish economy, should the public be spending billions of dollar to make new sports stadiums, geared to a wealthier audience and benefiting private sports teams? It seems like the only socially acceptable form of welfare is corporate welfare. What part of the game is that?

Here in New York City, two new baseball stadiums launched this year at a cost to the public of over 2 billion dollars. Next year there’ll be a new Giants stadium. The New Jersey Nets may be moving to Brooklyn a few years after that.

With all this development going on and all this money disappearing, who better than us to investigate what these sports teams have been doing. No one else seems to be talking about it. And besides we know a thing or two about getting over and getting free shit.

We’re using a new service called Kickstarter to raise the money to make this project a reality. Check our Kickstarter page out to learn more about it, including how you can help this video get made while at the same time getting cool and unique rewards for your contribution.

Thanks for your support.

Stadium Status @ Kickstarter

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